Truffles and Piedmont hazelnuts bring forgotten vegetables to the fore
Julien Doupeux

Truffles and Piedmont hazelnuts bring forgotten vegetables to the fore




  • Wash and peel the salsify (keep the skin in the water)
  • Cut into sticks
  • Cook the sticks in butter until melting, deglaze with honey vinegar and white port

2.parsnip purée:

  • Cook the parsnips in a custard sauce, then blend with the double cream
  • Add the truffle chips
  • Adjust the seasoning
  • Add the hazelnut oil

3.roasted parsnip:

  • Peel the parsnips
  • Cook in a foil with virgin hazelnut oil in the oven for about 25 minutes


  • Cook the spelt like a risotto

5.parsnip chips:

  • Cook the chips in the deep fryer until golden brown
  • When they come out of the deep fryer, use kitchen paper and salt them with fine salt

6.Forgotten vegetable soup:

  • Fry 1 chopped onion in grape seed oil, then add the coarsely chopped forgotten vegetables (2 parsnips, 2 Jerusalem artichokes, salsify peelings), moisten to the top
  • Cook for about twenty minutes, then blend
  • Adjust the seasoning if necessary

7.100g Piedmont hazelnuts:

  • Lightly roast the hazelnuts


  • Peel, then dice
  • Add lemon juice, hazelnut oil and truffle chips

9.carpaccio of Jerusalem artichokes:

  • Cut with a mandolin
  • Blanch for 30sec, then cool directly
  • Set aside


  • Heat the spelt in a little butter
  • Make a quenelle of parsnip puree
  • Place the roasted parsnip on top
  • Add the salsify, the diced pear, the Jerusalem artichoke carpaccio, season with a quince vinegar, olive oil and orange zest vinaigrette, the finely grated truffle, the crushed hazelnuts, the truffle oil and the herbs

Enjoy !